Time: +/- 20 minutes

Design: Depending on the chosen form: Personality or 360 feedback.

Extra: The personal development matrix is generated automatically ad combines the results of both CanMeds questionnaires.

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(Pre) selection, development, performance and evaluation

Indicate how easily an employee can show or develop specific competencies with a particular personality profile. Additionally, the performance on a specific role is scored.


A competency is based on a combination of knowledge, skills, motivation and behaviour. A specific combination is important to succeed in specific areas of expertise. All 50 competencies of HrmForce are valid for every industry. For the healthcare industry however we have established a specific set of competencies: the CanMeds competencies. Based on research in Canada the 7 CanMeds competencies have been defined specifically for healthcare.

Based on this scientific research HrmForce has established two different questionnaires: Big Fifty Personality CanMeds and a 360 Feedback CanMeds. Our Big Fifty Personality CanMeds scores our standard 25 personality factors. Specific combinations of these factors indicate how easily the 7 CanMeds competencies could be developed. Our 360 Feedback CanMeds indicates the level of current behaviour on every CanMeds competency. All behaviour indicators have been developed specifically to match current required behaviour in the healthcare industry.

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