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Maximize people performance with our online tests and solutions

It is essential to have the right people in the right place! HrmForce understands this and develops solutions for your human resource management. This starts with a single personality questionnaire or ability test and ends with a solutions for the full HR cycle. Our questionnaires can be used for recruitment but also support development and increase performance of your current staff. Our solutions also offer workflows for performance management.

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HrmForce is a platform for online testing available 24/7. Our application is practical and easy to use. It enables your organisation to use our questionnaires and solutions independently. Any questions? Our professional consultants are ready to provide support. By using HrmForce you not only have all necessary technology and knowledge to support your HRM, but you will save time and money as well.

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Would you like to boost personal development and increase performance? Would you like to identify candidates most likely to be successful? Would you like to keep your top performers and increase engagement? Start a trial today and see what our questionnaires and solutions can do for your company. Please register for a trial version right now!

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HrmForce has administered 240.000+ tests last year!

"A deal is a deal, always!"

- CEO | Retail chain

"All relevant tests available in one portal, saves us a lot of costs (licenses). Also a lot of expertise regarding psychometrics is present and shared in a pleasant way"

- HR Consultant | HR service provider

What do our tests measure?

Our tests offer a solution for every phase in the HR cycle: (pre) selection, development, performance management and employability. Predicting successful performance in future jobs. Our tests will help you gain insight into the knowledge, abilities, personality, satisfaction and engagement of your staff.

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