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Collecting, processing and storing of personal data regarding assessments is in accordance with local and European legislation.
1. To generate a report used by organizations for recruitment and/or development 2. To conduct research in order to maintain and improve the quality of our assessments. For these purposes all data is stored anonymously and aggregated on group level. This way no single assessment can be traced to an individual.
After a new release of HrmForce to delete the best history of your browser, and 1 time Refresh / Reload button. On Windows computers is that the button F5, Apple computers is that Apple + R.
Of course we need your name and email address to email you your results. All additional personal data for research can be provided voluntarily. Providing your personal data has no consequences for your results or procedure. These answers will only be used for research purposes.
Personal data of candidates will not be stored any longer than necessary for its purpose. Personal data are available for only two years. After two years all data is anonymized and will only be used for research purposes.
HrmForce data is stored according to up to date storage and security standards. This way unauthorized and improper use of data is prevented. Data can only be used by authorized persons and only for intended purposes when permission has been granted by the candidate.
Yes, you can. Candidates are entitled to file for viewing or deleting of data. Requests can be submitted by emailing to service@HrmForce.com. Requests will only be dealt with when a copy of an identity card is attached. You will receive a reply within 2 working days. A request regarding deletion or alternation of personal data will always be allowed, except when data has to be stored due to administrative or legal reasons.
You can download a Team Viewer at www.TeamViewer.com .
You can check your computer settings at http://www.cyscape.com/showbrow.asp . Please copy and paste the results and mail them to our servicedesk or your account manager.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer suppport at +31 88 88 321 88 or service@HrmForce.com.