Internal or External Recruiter: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Internal or External Recruiter: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Filling open positions at your business can be difficult, especially in more competitive industries. The hiring process is often exhausting, but employers looking for new employees have options: hire an in-house recruiter, or use recruiting technology. Both can make searching for new hires in a tough market a little less stressful.

“It seems like every company and its dog is trying to hire for developers, sales and marketing right now. When the candidates have the ball (as they do right now in tech companies), it can take hundreds of interviews just to find a candidate who hasn’t left halfway through your process to go take another job,” said Michael Overell, CEO and co-founder of recruiting platform RecruitLoop.

Hiring a recruiter or using recruiting technology are both great solutions for finding new employees. Regardless of which route you choose, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

In-house recruiters

“In-house recruiters can be awesome. They understand your culture and your business, so they can be the first screener, making the shortlist process much easier. They will also standardize your recruitment process, which helps manage your line managers’ and candidates’ expectations during the process,” Overell said.

While having an in-house recruiter can vastly improve your company’s hiring process, there are also some pitfalls.

If your company is going through a growth spurt, for example, your recruiter can run out of energy and resources, or “bandwidth,” Overell said. This can cause your hiring managers to start competing for time, and thus, harder or lower-priority roles will remain unfilled for months, Overell added.

Other cons, Overell said, are that in-house recruiters can be territorial in that they won’t use external recruiters even when they need help because they’re worried about their job security, and that in many cases, they’re limited to their networks. While external recruiters are limited much in the same way, Overell said that using more than one external recruiter as opposed to one internal recruiter can allow employers to reach candidates in several networks.

Source: Businessnewsdaily.com / Brittney Helmrich


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