10 Ways Hiring Managers Can Make The Most Out Of Every Tweet

10 Ways Hiring Managers Can Make The Most Out Of Every Tweet

Twitter can be a great tool for recruiting in-demand talent. However, it does take commitment to the platform to make it work for you. It can seem noisy on Twitter, but you can rise above the crowd. Although luck does help when growing your list of followers, hard work and a plan will also get you where you want to be.

Here are 10 ways that you can get the most out of your Tweets and find quality job seekers to fill your positions.

1. Use hashtags. One of the biggest mistakes hiring managers can make when using Twitter for recruiting is not adding hashtags. If your company is small, and doesn’t have a lot of followers, there’s no way that possible job candidates will see the posting. Adding hashtags makes the tweet searchable, according to INC’s Joe Budzienski.

2. Be consistent. You can’t expect your followers to engage with you when you post sporadically. Your message will get lost when you don’t Tweet on a regular basis. On Twitter, you might want to consider at least two posts daily, maybe more.

3. Get job seekers interested in what you’re saying by using a quote from the CEO of your company. For example, Miguel Santo Amaro, co-founder of Uniplaces says, “We think students and recent graduates need more chances and better conditions.” Adding a quote like this to your Twitter feed could gain the interest of recent grads looking for jobs. Include the link to the text of the speech or other context from which the quote came.

4. Use the @ to tag those you mention in your post. You reach more of their followers when you put it at the front of your post and use a period before the sign like this – .@Joe’sLemonade.

5. Stay on top of your analytics. Know who your followers are and what they want. Watch which posts get the most engagement. Find out which times are the best for you to post. Use the information to increase your reach.

6. Have a complete profile with a picture. Put up contact information and your website so followers can follow through and get more information. Find friends and follow others in your industry.

7. Join in conversations. Find conversations which interest you and respond. Make sure that you are taking action. In other words, don’t forget to be sociable in a social world.

8. Don’t over-estimate what Twitter will do for your company’s recruiting efforts. Keep in mind that you can’t just post without engaging your followers. Studies show that about 87% of posts by job seekers go unanswered. Twitter may not be the appropriate forum to answer questions for your business, but make sure you are listening to your followers. Provide a way for them to get answers to their questions about your company.

9. Don’t think that you need to read all of the tweets on your feed. Take sips instead of gulps so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

10. Share quality information. Don’t just shout out about your job postings, products, or service. Be authentic and know your brand. It’s important to maintain your professionalism and watch your image on social media. Once it’s out there, it is difficult to retract, as many professional organizations have discovered.

There are many professional tools that help you manage your social media posts. Use what works for you to get more out of your Twitter account. Remember to adapt as it changes and go with the flow. Twitter can be a great way to reach a new audience, but you do need to put effort into growing your following and being heard.

Source: Forbes / Steve Olenski

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