Enabling Employability for a healthy organization

HrmForce Employability provides a solution that significantly improves engagement, enables career development and supports outplacement procedures. Employability enables your employees and your HR department to self stimulate career development. Employability provides a number of powerful features that drive continual business improvement throughout your organization.

Key features

• Give employees the tools to actively direct their own career paths within the organization
• Prepare employees to their next career step by enabling them to identify career paths
• Measure personality, motivation, behaviour and interests of employees to identify career strengths and weaknesses
• Completely DIY for employees
• Match your talent with jobs in our database. Our database consists of around 2000 different jobs for white collar workers.
• Have a look at real live job opportunities in our job database. Thanks to a partnership with Indeed all live jobs in every country are available for matching.
• Instructions for how to explore new job opportunities

Key benefits

A higher employability can create certain obvious advantages. Employees who are continuously improving their employability benefits from this themselves as well as the employer. Workers are:

• more flexible,
• better trained,
• make less mistakes,
• are more effective and so on.

However there are also long-term benefits. Working on the employability of employees ensures:

• the safeguarding of knowledge within the organisation.
• It helps the company adjust easier to changing market conditions.
• It can help improve the loyalty the work force has for the company.
• It can help workers to make a career within the company.

Especially for career consultancy firms some extra benefits occur:

• Helps clients consider different opportunities by exploring over 2000 jobs.
• Gives clients information on a range of employment topics, including: job hunting, self-employment, interviews and voluntary work.
• Encourages coachees to identify careers within a particular work area/industry and explore potential career paths.
• Motivates individuals in their career planning

The backbone to better employability

Our Employability solution supports internal and external career development. It improves engagement of your employees and prevents your business from non matching employees.

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