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Sales Skills


Time: 25 minutes

Design: A combination of personality and motivation questionnaire.

Extra: With one push of a button directly possible to generate the Big Fifty Personality report based on the Sales Skills which also provides insight into additional competencies.

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(Pre) selection, development

Understanding the selling skills of your top salesman. It can also provide insight into the purchasing behavior of the customer and the communication style of your salespeople.


Our Sales Skills questionnaire is based on an extensive motivation and personality questionnaire. All results are translated into 34 sales skills and are shown in a profile. This questionnaire shows a clear view of the sales skills of how your top sellers are distinguishing themselves from the rest. When the essential factors and skills for sales success have become clear you are able to develop these factors and skills in your entire team.

Our Sales Skills report also shows what drives your sales. How can they be motivated? By raising commission or by raising competition?

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