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Job Profiler


Time: +/- 10 minutes

Design: Multiple choice questionnaire complemented with open questions.

Extra: The ultimate starting point for a conversation about profiling a job.

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Selection, Development, Performance and Evaluation

Understanding which competencies and behaviors are relevant to the different recipient groups to function as an input for selection, development and performance management.


To get a broad picture of the opinions on the job settings, the questionnaire is submitted to several respondent groups. The different groups are: Role experts, job holders, stakeholders, employees and managers.

On the basis of (a selection of) the 50 competencies every respondent will be asked to rate a competency on how relevant it is for the specific job. Each competency can be scored on a 6 point scale. To what extent is a competency Irrelevant (score 1) or essential (score 6).

Thereafter, respondents can indicate the required ability level. Then some additional optional questions are asked about possible risk factors, changes in the role, leadership styles and there is room to provide additional information.

The report collects all the answers and clearly displays the results including rankings of highest and lowest scoring skills. The report is a perfect input for the discussion of relevant skills and behaviors for a job.

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