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Intake Candidate


Time: About 20 minutes

Design: Open questions supplemented by a number of multiple choice (yes / no) questions.

Extra: Additional questions can be asked for leadership positions. It is also possible to have the candidates list their full resume.

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All questions that should be discussed in the first interview already administered online, in a way the interview can get real content.

In every interview, it is necessary to establish a series of standard questions. Since you usually have only up to a half hour for the first interview, you can save time by allowing all standard questions to be answered online in advance. The reports informs you in advance what the most extraordinary, remarkable and outstanding issues are. The interview itself can thus instantly focus on the relevant issues only and spend more time with the game on soft skills, including competencies.

The topics surveyed include: family background, expectations interview / job / assessment, training and career choices, roles and responsibilities, current job, leadership (style), hobbies, language skills, potential limitations and obstacles.

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