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360° Feedback


Time: +/- 25 minutes

Design: Average of 60 questions. The questionnaire consists of multiple choice questions, supplemented with 3 open questions: what should a candidate keep doing, start doing and stop doing. In addition, there is the possibility to add 6 extra open questions.

Extra: There is also a 360 ° Feedback CanMeds test available. Globally accepted as the basis for competency development within the healthcare sector.

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Provide feedback (360 degrees) with respect to skills, abilities, personality, motivation, and other work-related characteristics.


Constructive feedback is essential for personal development. This questionnaire provides detailed feedback on a candidates skills, abilities, personality, motivation, and other work-related characteristics, from a number of different perspectives. The candidate will receive feedback on how he / she sees herself, but also on how others (managers, colleagues, and employees (internal) customers.) see the candidate. It is based on the analysis of the scores on the recently completed questionnaire by the candidate and other people. In addition, the importance of a competency for a function is assessed, strengths and weaknesses are identified and a Personal Development Plan is initiated. This questionnaire will take approximately 25 minutes.

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